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Filogix Tips

Submitting Manually to Private Lender-

To submit to a private lender, that private lender first must be added to the Expert system via the Participants screen. See Adding a Private Lender to Expert. With the private lender in the Expert system, complete the following steps to submit an application.


  1. Open the Lender Submit screen by clicking Lender Submit in the Left Navigation Pane.

    Note: You have the ability to change the application type (Approval or Pre-Approval) from the Application Type dropdown.

  2. In the Applications section, the mortgages (i.e., first, second, and third) are listed.

    If there is more than one mortgage to submit, click the option button of the mortgage to be submitted. The Submission section expands to display fields for you to complete. If there is only a first mortgage, it is automatically selected with the Submission section already expanded.


  3. From the Lender Type dropdown, select Private.

  4. From the Submission Method dropdown, select Manual Submission.

  5. From the Lender dropdown select the lender you want to submit to. Remember, if the private lender is not available from this dropdown, then it first must be added to the Expert system via the Participants screen. See Adding a Private Lender to Expert.

  6. In the Lender Notes field enter any notes for the underwriter specific to the mortgage request. As needed, use the Insert Consent Text button, which inserts a sentence stating that you have obtained consent from the customer to pull a credit bureau. You will be required to enter a date and time for this sentence.

  1. Before submitting, click the Validate button to ensure all necessary details are properly entered. If necessary, see Working with Validation Results.

  2. Click the Print Application button to print the application for faxing or other means. The submission will be logged in the Submission History section on the page.



Adding a Private Lender to the Expert System

The instructions below explain how to add a Private Lender to the Expert system. Once a Private Lender is added to Expert, then that Private Lender can be selected on the Lender Submit screen to submit manual applications to. Complete the following steps:


  1. Open the Participants screen by clicking Participants in the Left Navigation Pane.


  2. For the Private Lender row, click its Select button. The screen refreshes to display the Participant Search-Participant Information section.


  3. Click the Add Party button. The screen refreshes with the Participant Information and Contact Information sections.


  4. Ensure the Participant Status is Active.

  5. From the Hierarchy Level dropdown, select the agents in Expert who will be able to use the private lender on the Lender Submit screen:

     - all agents in your firm
     - represents the "agent on the deal"; therefore only the agent (or the agent's administrator or assistant) who adds the private lender can then use that private lender.  

  6. If you chose Firm as a Hierarchy Level, then from the Restriction dropdown select the Firm you would like to share the private lender with.

  7. Add any comments or notes in the Special Notes box.

  8. Enter the contact information for the private lender in the Contact Information section.

  9. Click OK to apply your changes.

  10. The private lender now exists in the Expert system, and can be selected for use when manually submitting an application. After you submit to a private lender, that private lender will appear in the Participants screen.

Adding a Manual Response Received from Lender 

When a manual response (email or fax) is received from the Lender, you must record the response in Expert. This is known as "adding a manual response".

  1. Open the Lender Response screen by clicking Lender Response in the left navigation pane.

  2. Click the Add Manual Response button on the Lender Response screen. The screen changes to display the Application Summary Information and Lender Information.

    Note: A shortcut exists that highlights the Add Manual Response button on the Lender Response screen. From the left navigation pane, select Shortcuts > Add Manual Response.


  3. From the Lender Submission dropdown, select the "Submission" you want to record the response for. If needed, refer to the Lender Submit screen to determine the correct submission based on the date, time, and lender.

  4. From the Response Decision dropdown, select the response decision (Approved or Declined).

  5. Click OK. The screen refreshes with the Lender Information and Response Details fields.


  6. Enter information in the fields according to the manual commitment or the decline that was received from the lender.  

  7. Click Save Changes to return to the Lender Response screen.

  8. If the response is an approval, then from the Response Information section of the Lender Response screen, click the Accept button.

    Note: When the response is accepted by clicking the Accept button, Expert prevents the mortgage details from being edited.  If it is required for you to make changes to the mortgage details, you can "un-accept" the response.

    Note: For an approved manual response, the commitment letter must be obtained manually (fax or email) from the lender. It cannot be viewed via Expert.




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