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This role is responsible for the collection, coordination, preparation, and verification of mortgage applications from commitment approval to compliance submission.

The individual will act as a virtual liaison between clients, mortgage agents, financial institutions, lawyers,insurers, and appraisers regarding approval, verification, submission and completion of mortgage loan applications.

The goal is to ensure prompt fulfillment of all mortgage conditions from commitment to compliance file submission.

Value to You:

♦ Reliable administrative support to assist mortgage agents with document management and compliance

♦ Increased efficiency and productivity allowing agents to spend more time with new prospects

♦ “Hands off” approach once commitment is received allowing more time to be spent on building business

♦ Overall improved work flow and productivity

♦ Increased number of accurate, compliant files submitted in a timely manner

♦ Decrease in delays for mortgage agent payment for completed mortgage files


 - 10% of Gross Commission Total.  Example Commission $3000   Deal assist fee = $300 

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