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New Agent Training Topics

Strategy and Success Training

Session 1- Becoming The Expert Your Client Needs

Opening Conversations; Mortgage Types; Your First Meeting; The Mortgage Application; Finanancial Information.  Most commonly asked questions.

Session 2 Underwriting and inputting the application

Underwriting and inputting the applicaiton; the 5 C's of Creditaaaaaa; Need to Know; Documentaion

Session 3 - Disruption the Rate

Disrupting the Rate; Educating Your Clients on Suitability; Preparing for Client Questions; The Mortgage Contract; Providing Resources

Session 4 - Know your Client- Know the Lender

Know the Lender; Added Costs of Alternative Lending; MICS ; Client Case Studies

Session 5- New to Canada

New Canadian Agent Training'; Ket Stats and info; Permanent Resident Status Plan; Lending Solutions to New to Canada; B lenders Mics; Marketing and Network Strategies; How to Build your Credit

Session 6 - Women and Finance

Future is Female; Codo vs House; Safety and Security; Property Maintenance; Investments

Session 7- What do you do?  

Developing your value proposition and position yourself outside of the crowd.

Business Strategy Sessions

1. Business Planning & Budgeting

2. Database

3. Scripting / Value Proposition Workshop

4. First Client Roleplay

5. DLC Strategies for Success - 5c's 

6. Velocity Basic Training

7.  Different Types of Clients/Financing

8. Overview of the Application Process

9. Creating an Application in Velocity

10. Document Requirement & Collection

11. Credit Bureaus

12. Underwriting & Notes to Lender

13. Steps from an Approved Commitment to a Broker Closed File

14. Compliance

15. Social Media

16. Lead Generation

17. High Trust / Be a Better Broker

18. Case Studies

19. Lender Training

20. Gary Mauris Level Up Training

Software and Systems

1. Velocity

2. DLC Intranet

3. Zendesk - Deal Review Support

4. Purview

5. Velocity CRM & Workflows

6. Google My Business

7. Canva

8. Referral Maker

REALTOR Attraction System

High Trust Interview Training;  Realtor Evaluations;  Strategies to promote a growing referral relationship

Agent Marketing System-  Creating full sponsorship on Realtor marketing including  unlimited single property websites; you tube video creation; lead gen text capture and more.

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